What is the K-1 Fiancé Visa?

People of various nationalities from all over the world happen to fall in love with someone who is a citizen of the United States. At some point, they get engaged and the wedding is set to take place in the U.S.

In order to join their fiancé (or fiancée) in the U.S., the foreign national proceeds to apply for a U.S. visa – usually for a Tourist (B) Visa. However they are instructed to get a Fiancé (K-1) Visa instead.

But what exactly is the K-1 Visa?

The K-1 Fiancé Visa was especially created by the U.S. government to allow a foreign person to travel to the U.S. and to marry a U.S. citizen in the next 90 days (on U.S. territory).

What kind of visa is it?

It is classified as a dual intent visa – a non-immigrant type of visa (de facto), but with the intention of an immigrant visa.

Why was this visa created by the authorities?

Before granting you the K-1 Fiancé Visa, the U.S. authorities vet both fiancés during a laborious process. They conduct extensive research on the fiancé(e) who is a U.S. citizen and of course on the one who has foreign nationality. 

  • Marrying a U.S. citizen is one of the easiest ways to get a marriage-based Green Card, so naturally there are many fraud attempts. The U.S. authorities need to determine that the relationship is genuine and not a “scam” arrangement allowing the foreign person to become an American resident.
  • Moreover, once the foreign fiancé(e) marries in the U.S. and becomes a Green Card holder (or an LPR – Legal Permanent Resident of the U.S.), they become entitled to social benefits. The U.S. Government screens the foreign fiancé(e)s to make sure that after the marriage they will have sufficient means of living in the U.S. (with the help of their American spouse) and not become a burden on the U.S. social security system.

To conclude, having your K-1 Visa approved and stamped in your passport means that you’ve already been vetted by the U.S. administration. This will make your Green Card application run much more smoothly after the marriage, compared to other possible scenarios.

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